My 2018 Career Goals as a Freelance Illustrator

I know that 2018 has started for some while now, but I wanted to share with you anyway my goals for this year as a freelance illustrator.

I am a freelance writer who loves to paint in watercolor and create beautiful illustrations of the world that sorrounds us. And because my love for painting is so big I wanted to transition from being a writer to being an illustrator.

My start in 2018 is already on a good path, as I started to create my personal portfolio of illustrations, mostly being food illustrations, as this is my main focus right now. As I developed my portfolio I found it so hard to find the right persons to send it so they could know that I am open to work with them. But I searched, and I found a lot of Art Directors and a lot of tips and trick about the freelance illustration world. Which is always a good thing when you start something new. It’s good to research and be prepared for what you need to do to achieve your goals.

I also considered that I must work on my social media presence. That’s why I opened an Youtube channel, and an Instagram account. I try and post everyday new work on Instagram, as I draw and paint every day. As for Youtube, I upload videos on Tuesday and Friday.

As this month has been so slow on Youtube, I decided to make a February Challenge.  I will upload one video each day of the month of February. It will be a “Favorites” series, meaning that I will let my community to know me a little bit better through my watercolor illustrations.

So, stay tuned, cause I have big dreams for 2018. I can feel that this will me my year!


Let’s be creative,




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